Our Farm

We're located just 20 miles South of Green Bay, Wisconsin and farm just a little over 90 acres, all of it which is currently in pasture or hayland. We don't raise any row crops or monoculture since our goal is to raise 100% gras-fed beef and lamb plus free-range chickens and eggs which are free of GMO's, antibiotics or steroidss so we can provide the healthiest foood to our customers.

Our Family

Dennis and Judy Drzewiecki provide the lions share of day to day operation with our children Dawn and Christopher filling in when and where needed.

Our Friends

Our customers which purchase our products are truly partners and without them our business would be void. Our family, which is a lot more then blood relatives and/or some great neighbors, like Marv (Who's indispensable and I'll never be able to thank enough!), and our friends at Brillion Community Church. You are there providing gratuitous labor when needed to help us keep on keeping on, no matter what the circumstances, and every one of you exceed the title of friends in our business.


Note: "Partners, Brothers, and Friends" by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band rings in my ears when we examine what keeps our farm sustainable.