Free Range Chickens


Our Free Range Broilers are organically raised to be GMO free and full of flavor. As with all of the animals here at River of Dreams, our chickens are living the “good life”, which allows them a stress free life while foraging in portable hoop houses. Broilers are raised from April through October each year, while we try to maintain availability year round. Our birds typically dress out at Four to Six pounds, with some tipping the scale at Eight pounds. Currently we are selling broilers whole, in halves, and whole-quartered

Products we just started to offer in May 2015 include Boneless Chicken Breasts, Legs and Thighs, Wings, Necks, Cages, Hearts and Liver. Once again we're offering our Stewing Hens which are great for soup or stew for a lower price then our Broilers

Here is an unsolicited Testimony from one of our loyal customers. The best chicken ever! Each and every time I grill one of your birds, I find myself saying: That’s the best chicken I’ve ever eaten! Keep up the good work with your birds Dennis! We have tried others, and yours are simply the best.


Our free range layers produce farm fresh eggs for us year round. They are housed in a portable "egg-mobile" throughout the summer, and brought up into the barn in the late fall (usually around December 1st), where they can still come and go as they want until spring. In the spring, they are again moved out into the pastures in the "egg-mobile".