May 15, 2012 Newsletter

Hello Everyone, Well, it's that time of year again, spring. Stated differently, it's spring again or it's still spring. Anyway, it's May and it's spring. It's also that time of year when we're looking forward to everything the year has in store for us. So far we've had five spring calves for the year to date. We have a lot of early spring lambs and we've had another 16 May lambs so far and that keeps us busy and of course chicks keep coming in. It almost seems like we don't have enough work, but let me assure we do. Just in case I'm wrong though, the first Sunday of May we picked up Zeus, our Great Pyrenees male puppy. He was born on St. Pats day and he's cute as a button right now although I know full well he'll grow fast and what will seem like no time at all he'll be bigger then Nexi and then Pandora and finally on his way to being full grown. We were told his sire weighed in at 125 pounds and surely he looked all of that. Of course, between now and then Zeus will eat a lot of puppy food. As we're enjoying this beautiful spring weather realizing winter which seems so far away at this time will be here sooner then any of us expect. Time keeps flying faster each year. At least it seems so, but maybe that's just cause I'm getting older. Either way, the year is filled with expectations and needless to say we're really looking forward to it. We know there will be many Blessings coming our way as the year goes forward. We are grazing the pastures, what with 80 degree temperatures in March and then all the rain earlier this month the pastures are looking good.


The spring sales of the fall halves and wholes were brisk. Sales started back in November and by the end of March all the animals we had available for the fall were ordered. If you ordered a half or whole and have any questions on the prepayment schedule for you, drop me an email, okay? We had an opportunity to pick up 6 more beefers and after a good long discussion with Wayne Craig he assured us that after a whole season of grazing we wouldn't be offering a sub par animal or product. The trust you our customers have given us with regards to the quality of our grass-fed beef and our farming practices means a lot to us and we wanted to be sure the animals would finish up to your standards.


So, you would think the cattle, lambs, chicks, or puppy would be the biggest news for us this spring, but lo, none of those qualify for the biggest news. The biggest news for us this year is that we'll be vending at the Green Bay Broadway Farmers' Market on Wednesday nights starting on June 6th. The Broadway Farmers' Market is now officially the 2nd biggest farmers' market in the state of Wisconsin, second only to Madison's Farmers' Market. The “On Broadway” architects have worked hard to make their market the second largest in Wisconsin and we're really looking forward to the opportunity to be vending at it. Of course, with every opportunity comes costs. We're working hard to gear up to be prepared for our debut on Broadway in June. While we've been selling at other farmers' markets in the area this takes it to a whole new level.


Hopefully, this newsletter finds you in good health with great hopes for the spring and summer as time marches forward. The animals will keep us busy as well as marketing our products from the farm and at the farmers' markets. In between all the work, we'll be sure to take some time and Thank the Lord for all his Blessings as well as enjoy a little family time. May God Bless you and yours and we hope you have a great summer.




Dennis Drzewiecki President


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